Types of a Design layout or Advertisement layout

Design layout:- When we talking about a page layout, designers often employ reputed layouts according to their preferences.

  1. Mondrian Layout
  2. Circus Layout
  3. Multi-panel layout
  4. Silhouette Layout
  5. Big-Type Layout
  6. Alphabet-Inspired Layout
  7. Copy heavy layout
  8. Picture window layout
  9. Rebus layout
  10. Frame layout

1.Mondrian Layout :

Referring to the concept from Piet Mondrian (Deutsche). the layout refers to the forms square/landscape/portrait.

Mondrian Layout is like a collage of the picture.


2.Circus Layout :

Circus layout doesn’t follow standard layout pattern its like mix alignment .


3.Multi-panel layout : 

Multi-panel layout is divided into various sections or theme in same shape such as rectangle, square, cube, etc.


4.Silhouette Layout : 

Silhouette Layout that deals with all design elements.

Associated together to create a recognizable shape, and can be seen by one solid color.


5.Big-Type Layout :

Big-Type layout lay highlight on the font styles and big font sizes so as to catch the attention of the audience.


6.Alphabet-Inspired Layout :

Alphabet- Inspired Layout focuses on the arrangement of letters or numbers in an appropriate sequence, forms a word, or enhanced to give an impression of story or an idea for the advertisement.


7.Copy heavy layout : 

In Copy heavy layout we use maximum text with minimum picture.

Copy heavy layout

8.Picture window layout : 

Picture window layout we use maximum space for a picture and minimum text. this type of layout is very popular in print advertisements.

Picture window layout

9.Rebus layout : 

As you can see this layout has symbolic symbols and communicates with you. This example shows “I love sheep” that is called Rebus Layout

Rebus layout

10.Frame layout : 

Frame layout is nothing but is farme. in this layout we use any frame for designing our graphics

Frame layout


(1) What is to be said is too involved, too important, too unique, too dignified to be put in pictures.

(2) most other ads in the medium will be picture-window or at least heavily picture-oriented, so a gray, quiet, copy-heavy approach makes a good change of pace. Because copy-heavy advertising takes itself rather more seriously than other advertising its usually content formal balance.

More popular than Mondrian and especially suited to magazines and newspaper ad is the format known picture window layout.its just generous display of picture and tight editing of copy so it will fit the small space remaining.

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