Color Harmony

INTRODUCTION In color theory, color harmony refers to property that is some aesthetically pleasing color combination. These combinations create pleasing contrasts and consonants that are called harmonic. These combinations can be complementary colors, split-complementary colors, color tests, or analogous colors. Color cohesion has been the subject of extensive study throughout history, but has only seen widespread codification since the Renaissance… Read moreColor Harmony

Action in Photoshop Water Splash Effect using

Action in Photoshop Hi Everyone today you will learn how to Use Action Panel in photoshop it’s really amazing if you watch this video Till End you will come to understand how to create watercolor Splash effects in photoshop using few steps. As you can see, there are tonnes you can do with this effect. As a Photoshop user, you’ve… Read moreAction in Photoshop Water Splash Effect using