This Smudge painting on girl is used to make movie posters like bahubali ,dabbang ,Rowdy Rathore.

I have created this Smudge painting tutorial for you using Simple Steps that you can use to convert your images to smudge Paintings.

The steps given below will be understood after watching the video.

To follow this tutorial, you must have a basic knowledge of Photoshop.

like open image ,layer panel using brush and most important downloading and importing brush in Photoshop

Download Smudge Brush from below


just Follow the Smudge painting on girl tutorial to watch this video.

 Smudge painting tutorial step by step

 Smudge painting tutorial step by step

  • Open image in photoshop using  File/open/image. Download Image from this link:
  • Then select layer panel ….and right click on image layer thumbnail select Duplicate 
  • Now go to the filter and select Sharpener/unsharp mask…in the unsharp mask, u have to select in between range 30-45 in this tutorial I choose 43
  • Once again go to the filter and select Other /Highpass give Value 4.5 ( you can use any value whichever you want )
  • Now you have two layers one is image layer and other is high pass layer …select high pass layer and give blend option /overlay 
  • Right-click on the bottom layer and make duplicate
  • So you have to merge 2 layers except the bottom layer using Ctrl +E or layer/Merge layer before you have to select both layers
  • Now its almost done pick brush tool from toolbar shortcut key is B select smudge brush from properties bar
  • Now help of smudge brush drag on the image.

I hope you have understood my Smudge painting tutorial if you do not understand, please, you can write a comment from which I am able to teach you very well in future tutorials.

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Thanks for Reading and Watching my tutorial …

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