Shahid Kapoor digital painting in Photoshop 2018

Shahid Kapoor digital painting:- In this tutorial, you will be able to learn step by step how to make Smudge Brush painting.

Then let’s start with Smudge Brush

Smudge Brush painting is an art technique where a picture is smudged within a way to create an image that looked like painted.
in this tutorial, you will be able to learn step by step how to make Smudge Brush painting.

Total Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Open Shahid Kapoor Image

Take one pictures or image for that Go to ‘File > Open’ or Press Ctrl/Cmd + O.

Duplicate image

Right click on layer and select duplicate layer. repeat step again that means we want to duplicate layers

Apply the unsharp

Hide all layers and show only the topmost layer and Go to ‘Filter > sharpen>unsharp mask’. anything you will take value those suitable for your image. and repeat the step again.

Apply high pass image

Apply high pass to top most layer for that Go to ‘Filter > other>High Pass’ again take your own values for your image.

layer blend

ok then visible (click on eye button on layer) top layers then select top most layer. after that select overlay Go to ‘layer > Blend>Overlay’.

Merge layer

Merge top most layers for that Click first layer hold shift then click second layer and press Ctrl/Cmd + E.
All of the above steps are making an image ready for smudging. you can start smudging. but if your image needs some finishing touch then do first. then start smudging

Smudge tool

Take the smudge tool for smudging. then select a smudge brush from the control bar. take reference from the below image.

Smudge brush Painting

Start smudging with a smudge brush tool. You have to be patient. it will take time.
Note: –
“You have to use the brush tool according to the face flow or subject flow “

Finally smudge painting ready

After done with smudging. your smudge paint is ready to clarify, this post is for smudge painting. I know you guys must be thinking about the background designing part. It depends on you. You can do as you like however, if you want to understand, you can watch the video given below and you can follow the steps by stopping it.


Smudge painting video


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