Photoshop Animation tutorial in Photoshop

Photoshop Animation tutorial in Photoshop

While the animation is not a new concept in Photoshop, it has certainly come a long way in the last few years. It has been in great use for some years. It is used as a gif animation as well as the animation that is used in social advertising today. is. You can create using Photoshop animation.

Step 1:- Create a document

File>New>Select File You Want in this do tutorial i am using 1920 by 1080 file size with 72 resolution.

Step 2:- Make gradient for the background layer

For that, Select gradient tool and drag on background layer. note take color you want .

Step 3:- Type the text as you want

for that,select type tool from tool box and type.

Step 4:- Create a shape for the mask

for that, create a shape from the toolbox, here I am using heart shape.

Step 5:- Make shape a little stylish.

for that, I am using layer style here. As you can see in the video, what style have I used?

Step 6:- Preparation of Photoshop Animation

For that, Make separate copies of what you want to animate, meaning every new layer must have a new change.

As you can see in the video.

Step 7:- Make a layer mask

For that, Create a new layer top of the all shape layer. then apply the layer mask using the layer mask button given below of the layer panel. and select mask thumbnail and apply text selection on it. As you can see in the video.

Step 8:- Open timeline

Click:- Windows>timeline>Create frame animation (in timeline panel)

Note:-You have to understand Photoshop animation before starting. According to me, your animation depends on the visibility of the layer. As you can see in the video, the layer with visibility is visible in the layer. This means that you have to switch on and off different layers according to each frame. Example: – If you have three different layers that have different colors. So in each frame, you turn on the layer that you want to appear in the frame so that you can easily do animation in Photoshop.

Step 9:- Animation

For that, click on the create frame button to create a new frame or duplicate frame. after selecting frame just go layer panel and on or off the visibility of layers according to your animation.

Photoshop Animation from youtube channel Tinypictures


I hope you guys have understood this step by step tutorial. If you do not understand, you can understand by watching the video above. However, if there are any questions, you can write in the comment box below and you can follow us on Facebook and YouTube. You can ask us questions about that too.

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