Transform a Portrait in Incredible Painting Effects

Transform a Portrait in Incredible Painting Effects

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After understanding this you can make oil paintings and cartoons. And by using * ACTION * you can make it as soon as possible, I hope you understand this video and you can encourage me by liking it.

You follow all the steps given in this video, if you want to download Action, you can click on the link below.

Steps Given

  • 00:00. Channel Intro
  • 00:18. Image Size
  • 00:27. Convert to smart object
  • 00:38. Shadow & Highlight
  • 01:00. Unsharp mask
  • 01:16. Defuse
  • 01:49. Oil paint
  • 02:06. Surface blur
  • 02:20. Filter Gallery
  • 02:42. Brightness & Contrast
  • 03:00. Unsharp mask
  • 03:11. Oil paint
  • 03:18. levels
  • 03:33. Gradient map
  • 04:29. Final Painting Effect
  • 04:40. Second Portrait
  • 04:50. Follow All steps Again
  • 09:32. Final Painting Effect

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