Happy women’s day 2018 

Importance of women . This universe is incomplete without her. Women makes the world proud. by her contribution towards society upliftment and empowerment.

But, what do men do in return?

  •  disrespect them through different tragic.
  •  wrong practices like rape for our physical satisfaction.
  • take dowry for fulfilling the to increase our wealth.
  • do crimes like women trafficking.
  • force them to get in the dirty cycle of prostitution at a very early age.

  In exchange of these drastic attitude and activities.it’s shows Importance of women.

Happy women’s day 2018

what she does for us?

  • She always take care of our family by ignoring her personal interest.
  • loves and like you even though you doesn’t pay attention to her wish and demands.
  • leaves her family and move in your life leaving her loved ones.
  • she gets pregnant for us to continue our family cycle.
  • tries to do every possible thing to make our family .
  • Make us comfortable and relaxed even in difficult situations.
  •  After fulfilling all these activities she also manages to work outside.
  • and add as a financial support to our family.
All these activities that are done by her shows the importance of her in our life and also shows that without her nothing is possible.

There are many examples of successful women in our world. who has made us proud through their hard work and dedication. in the respective fields in which they are working, such as Kalpana Chawla , Bachendri Pal, Sunita Williams, Neerja Bhanot, Rani Lakshmi Bai and many more………….

Happy women’s day 2018

I am one of the men of this society who know these harsh facts of reality, but we are not able to change it. It can be possible only if we all start thinking in the same manner and try to stop these wrong practices.

We behave badly with her but she takes it positively, lets try to change ourselves by behaving in the same way as she does.


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