External Campaign for AD Design

Elements of an External Campaign for AD Design comprise of these three categories, students should get all the three projects.

  1. logo in the Brand manual ( a small booklet)
  2. Stationary (Visiting Card, Letter Head, Envelope)
  3. Advertisements (Press Ads, Print Ads, Outdoor, POP, TVC)

1.Brand manual ( A Small Booklet) :

Students have to make a small booklet called “Brand manual “. In that manual, they have to design a logo for the company. The manual should contain approx 8 to 12 pages. It must include the following mention points on every page.

  • logo
  • Company background
  • Name Significance
  • Shape or Outline significance
  • Color Significance
  • Negative Space put to work
  • Typography
  • Design philosophy


Design a logo with a single color then reproduce it reverse as well as various size from 4″ * 4″ inches to 1 cm * 1 cm may be 4 different sizes.

  1. The name should show the importance of the company or product, class, family.
  2. The logo should show the importance of the shape or outline that is used in it.
  3. Logo colors should reflect the values, commitment, and attitude of the company.
  4. Space between various elements if deriving new shapes to signify any information.
  5. Explain the type of typeface and typography used in the logo. (For eg. sanserif or serif typeface)

Design philosophy :

  • What to say:-Students must be aware of the product and its importance.
  • Whom to say:- Students must be aware of the target audience.
  • How to say:- Students should be aware of communicating through Ad design.

For example Booklet look like this

External Campaign for AD Design
External Campaign for AD Design

2. Stationary (Visiting Card, Letter Head, Envelope)

Visiting card :

54 mm * 91 mm vertical or horizontal.

Letterhead :

follow the same theme. logo and business lines must be with in first inch from top edge .A4 size paper

Envelope :

4″ * 9″ inch official

3) Advertisements :

For ads Start with Synopsis of the campaign include Creative Brief :

Press Ads :

Set of 2/3 ads with common theme common layout with the same slogan throughout the campaign. Only headline wording and image will change and copy in tune with the head if required. But keep the headline type the same. Also, follow the same typography throughout all the ads. Follow ad principal.

Size : Width must be in multiple of column width so that it fits 2 column or 3 or 4 column. Height can be any as these ads appear in newspaper. But all the ad in series must have same dimension.

Print Ads :

(Set of 2/3 ads) principle same as above but little inside an A4 size. Here more focus on picture is expected whereas in newspaper ads more on copy and images appear in cutout form place on another background.

Outdoor :

Logic is that, outdoor ad gets a glance not more than 4 seconds. So less or almost nil copy (text) but must have impactful image, a slogan or headline and logo preferably at right bottom so that it is noticed while the glance escapes the hoarding as audience passes by.

Size : Should be in proportions of 60 X 40 or 80 X 60. Either 2:3 or 3:4.


Point of purchase also called as 6 second ad as the audience at the shopping floor can be lured to buy as a last moment decision.

Students have the make any one of the following mention categories.

  • Standees
  • Danglers
  • Window dressings
  • Show Cards

TVC ( television Commercial ) :

A storyboard of 12 to 15 frames.

Webpage: (Active Page not needed, just design)

Design a web page with a web Advertisement.

N.B: Radio spot is optional and not compulsory. Also one can choose between Web – Ad and TVC.

For Internals

  1. Scrap Book: Ads Collected from newspaper & magazine & Analysis Based in Design Context.
  2. Sketch Book: Explanation with example & practical assignment based on the topic in the sketchbook.
  3. Classwork on graphic principles. (Balance, contrast, rhythm, harmony, word expression, negative space, color behavior, etc.

Types of a Design layout or Advertisement layout

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