Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Illustrator tutorials are usually designed for users who are interested in learning the key skills required to work with Adobe Illustrator. This tutorial will greatly benefit the learners and help them to get acquainted with the program. Learners can learn many techniques and methods used to create 2D artwork on Illustrator. This tutorial will also help the users and provide them a simple practical example which will help them to understand the program better

Why do we need to understand illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is needed and in demand because the program includes a toolset specifically designed for graphic designers and editors. Also, there is a nice comparison between Coral Draw and Illustrator. But, with the latest advances and updates, the user can use Illustrator on a subscription basis, so many designers are turning to this program. In addition, Adobe Illustrator is also preferred among image editors and 2D designers because they can easily import and export images and artwork into any other Adobe program included in the Creative Cloud.

Adobe Illustrator application

Today, almost every industry uses Adobe Illustrator for a variety of purposes and needs. The fashion industry uses programs to design the most trending clothing and apparel, while the footwear industry uses different types of shoes to design. Adobe Illustrator is a program used to design everyday tasks in every industry. Mobile emojis and icons are also designed in Illustrator. Website logos or visiting cards are also designed on Illustrator. The applications and uses of the program are unlimited and unchanged. It is used globally and in industries around the world.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

One short example to create a rectangle on the artboard and give color to it is shown below:-

  1. Open Illustrator

  2. Create a new document.

    Illustrator Tutorial

  3.  Go to the toolbox and create a rectangle.

    Illustrator Tutorial

  4. Go to the color menu and color the rectangle with a blue color.

    Illustrator Tutorial


There are no such major pre-requisites for learning Illustrator. Even a novice can learn and understand a program without any knowledge of design. Therefore, the learner should only know the basics of operating and system and 2D concepts.

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